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Dana Wright

Holly and Dana met at RIT and quickly realized they both had an appreciation for smaller cities rich with history and creativity. They chose to pursue their goals together in Troy, New York. 

Co-Founder Holly McMahon
Co-Founder Dana Wright

Holly McMahon is an ambitious filmmaker from Baldwinsville, NY. She fell in love with video at an early age and developed her craft at Rochester Institute of Technology's school of Film and Animation. Her most recent independent work includes a short film sponsored by I<3NY as a finalist for their 2017 tourism film contest.

Holly has directed 6 short films, including an award winning documentary, and several promotional videos. She is an adept videographer, editor, colorist, and is a trained sound editor. Her love for every aspect of filmmaking has rewarded her with a well-rounded skill set.


Holly is fascinated by stories that break down social barriers and expose hidden truths. She is currently living in Troy, NY as a co-founder of Riverway Media with her partner, Dana.

Dana Wright is a videographer, editor and co-founder of Riverway Media. After working at various production houses in DC, Boston, and Rochester, he settled down in Troy, NY to start working on his own video production business.

What Dana brings to the table is his experience in cutting ads and marketing videos for social media and TV, as well as documentary filmmaking. With these skills, he is able to make content that is both engaging and earnest. 

Dana is proud that his film Rustbelt Recovery won the jury award for "best documentary short" at the Seneca Film Festival in Watkins Glen.


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